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cleaning a window high up in the top of a clock tower

"Well someone has to get up there to clean the Windows"

The life of a professional window cleaner has changed quite a lot in the past 5-10 years or so with the advent of new technology, notably the Reach & Wash window cleaning system. We were very quick to see the benefits of this system and have been able to move forward with the new technology. The benefits have been many fold for us as a company and our customers.

Windowcleaning can be done in a much more efficient and cost effective way. You may even be pleasantly surprised at the low price we can now offer to clean your windows for. Click Here for a Price

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial buildings can present their own special challenges. We have a variety of methods at our disposal, to do a professional and safe Cleaning job, while allowing you to run your business uninterrupted.

Industrial Glass Cleaners

As professional cleaners we understand that the Cleaning of windows on industrial buildings can be particularly demanding. Over the many years we have been in business we have learned to deal with Window Cleaning on all types of buildings. So you can be extremely confident that as a professional cleaning company we can easily deal with your cleaning requirements.

cleaning the Windows of your Office

Again the years of experience have taught us the best way to offer a fast and efficient window cleaning service for your Office, whether it is a small single storey building or a large multi story office block.

Most office window cleaning work is carried out using our highly efficient water fed pole system. Where it is needed, we can use the up to date equipment for high rise buildings.

With people in and around these buildings Health and Safety is uppermost in our minds.

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Retail Window Cleaning

Over the years we have become very proficient at dealing with the special demands of Retail Premises. Indeed if you are on a busy High Street or down a smaller side road, we have developed over the years a good and safe working practice.

Showroom Windows Cleaned

For all those of you who own and run a showroom, whether it is a car showroom or a furniture showroom. You will know the importance of having very clean windows. We come in with the minimum of disruption and get on with the job quickly, leaving you to the selling from a clean showroom.

Domestic Window Cleaning

This is where we started many years ago window cleaning in houses and bungalows. We have learned over the years how to tackle these jobs and overcome any obstacles that sometimes get in the way. whether it is our efficient water fed pole system or ladders, we just get the window cleaning job done.

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